17 Boho Jewellery From Freepeople That Will Give Your Summer Outfits a Feelgood Vibe

Now summer is here we cant' think of a better time to dress up and bling up with statement jewellery pieces to ensure you stand out from the crowd. Free People are our go-to for on-trend and bohemian accessories and we have chosen 17 boho pieces just for you.

Passenger Necklace £24

Odessa Layered Necklace £32

Hazel Statement Collar Necklace £40

Drifters Beaded Collar Necklace £40

Waterfall Stone Necklace £108

Intuition Rose Quartz Pendulum Necklace £52

Private Eyes Necklace £40

Caution Earrings £40

Cairo Dangle Earrings £32

Miller Recycled Earrings £32

Jaxon Stone Hoop £24

Now Or Never Split Hoop Earrings £40

Rhiannon Stone Earrings £28

World Of Indah Arm Band £68

Ariana Ost Triangle Arm band £28

Janice Arm band £ 24

Mega Stone Ring £58

W| @slaybabe I} Freepeople - All Rights Reserved

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