3 Reasons To Brush Up Your Morning Routine and How To Do It

Updated: May 26, 2020

If you don't know about dry skin brushing and if you do, but aren't already using it as a part of your must-do body beautiful beauty regimes, then it’s time to begin adding it as in a few weeks (or less) you will be glad you did. As far as beauty hacks go, although it has been around for years it's one of the most overlooked in terms of how beneficial it is for both your skin and health. And incredibly, it fits easily into your morning showering or bathing routine as it only takes 3-4 minutes. Our 3 benefits, is by no means the only reasons to apply it, try and you will soon notice the difference.

*The Benefits*

* Sloughs away dead skin cells helping to remove any barriers and cleanses the pores which will improve the appearance of the skin a softer and healthier natural glow.

* If you tend to have excess weight accumulating in one place ie, hips and thighs, It helps with continued use to deploy and aids to the even distribution of fat deposits giving your limbs a much smoother, and firmer, look and feel. Helping with for example, the dreaded cellulite.

* It cleanses the lympathatic system and boost blood circulation by stimulating muscle contraction to help the lymph and blood flow. Your lympathatic system deals with all the toxins we encounter in our day to day lives: In the food we eat, the air we breathe. Dry skin brushing helps the lympathatic to become more efficient at eliminating the toxins and detoxify your body.

What you will need: * A dry skin brush preferably with detachable handle and natural bristle, it should be firm but not too hard.

Products to try:

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The How: You will start at your feet and using long, slow, firm but not too hard, flowing movements brushing towards the top of your body. The skin on your stomach is softer than the skin on your legs and forearms. Your skin should be left dry and preferably be naked. Sit or stand in a position that gives you access to all parts of your body. e.g. on the edge of the bath with one foot up on the toilet seat if possible. All strokes should be towards your heart as brushing away may cause faintness or disrupt the normal flow.

* Place the detachable head of the brush (if you have one, otherwise the brush) on your ankle and firmly brush up to the knee. Repeat until you have covered the entire calf and shin several times.

* When you have cover the entire leg, move up to your knee. The strokes should reach from the knee to the top of the thigh and over the buttocks.

* Now brush both arms, from the wrist to the shoulder. The neck and shoulder area should be treated with lots of TLC as the flesh here is very delicate. Work from the top of the arm, up and over the shoulder and gently up the neck to your hairline and chin.

* Using circular strokes in a clockwise direction brush the stomach area gently.

Heads up:

* Unfortunately dry brushing is not recommended for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and excessive dry skin, as it can aggravate the condition—and also cause often painful irritation.

By Slaybabe I | Pexels

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