8 Easy Ways To Kick-Start Your Metabolism

Your metabolism relates to how your body breakdown food and uses it for energy. We all know that exercise is the single best way to kick-start a slow metabolism, but there are other ways to rev up your body's fat burning power that fits easily into a busy lifestyle babes with a little effort. If you feel that you are fighting a losing battle with the pounds or if your weight loss have plateaued, let us show you how you can slay the battle of the bulge in 8 easy ways....

1. Go Green - Green tea is not only rich in a disease fighting super antioxidant called catechin polyphenols, research has also found that it's a fat burner too. Try easing it into your diet with just one cup a day might help you to see a difference.

2. Water Power - Keeping hydrated is essential in the fat burning process. Not only is dehydration a known cause of fatigue, it's also crucial in the bodies digestive process. Aim to drink the recommended 2 litres which translates to 8 ounce glasses a day. If you find drinking plain water boring, try adding a squeeze of lemon or lime into your glass or container. Or, try replacing a glass or two with herbal teas, or fresh juices which works just as well.

3. Eat Breakfast - The first meal of the day is important as after slowing down while you're asleep, eating once you've awaken helps to re-boot your metabolism. Studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast will not only help to stave off the sugar rush which may envitably follows, it may aid in how much calories you'll consume throughout your day.

4. Eat Organic - Foods treated with pestcides have long been known to possibly have a side affect in our food supply, but studies have also shown that many are stored in our bodies as fat which can build up in larger stores as we age. It can also have a negative effect on our digestive system as the first organ they come into contact with upon entering the body is our intestine and other important organs needed for digestion. Organic foods on the other hand, relies on natural methods to control pests and diseases and the use of manufactured fertilisers, herbicides and GM feeds are strictly banned on organic farms and governed by The Soil Association.

Try replacing your fruits and veg with organic products, whenever possible. And yes, we know that right now getting your hands on any food is a bonus, especially fresh, but it's still possible to buy organic produce in your local supermarket. You can also try online organic food companies, such as able&cole who have been supplying organic foods for over 30 years, and have freshly in season fruits and vegs along with other organic produce delivered right to your door.

5. Eat Regularly - Eating smaller amounts of meals throughout the day rather than three big meals may help to kick start a stalling metabolism as these are often followed by a drop in insulin levels which leads to fat storage. Whereas, five smaller spaced meals will keep your metabolism working more efficiently as the energy required to digest foods accounts for 10 percent usuage of your metabolic rate.

6. Add Spice - Eating a spicy meal can heat up your metabolism and may also increase a feeling of fullness studies have shown. This is due to an increase in body temperature called thermogenesis caused by the ingredient capasaicin found in hot peppers.

7. Rest - As well as fitting regular rest time into your daily scedule it could be as short as a 15 to 20 minutes break where you take time out to have a relaxing bath, read, or simply just be still, getting enough shut eye as much as the recommended 8 hours or as how long your body needs to rest and recharge, is very important to keeping your metabolism rate at fat burning levels. This is due to the stress related hormone, cortisol. High levels of cortisol turns on a fat storing enzyme that increases fat storage. Also, if your body doesn't get the rest it needs your workouts will be less effective and being fatigued you will be less able to resist junk food cravings and reach for sugary, fatty foods.

8. Lift Weights - Adding weights to your exercise routine is a surefire way to add lean muscle tissue. Other than the fact that any improvements will be noticeable in just a few weeks, the more lean muscle you build the more energy used and an increase in more calories burn at rest.


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