B2B Back2Basic - Home Manicure in 6 Easy Steps

Updated: May 7, 2020

There simply haven't been a better time than the present climate to take care of your nails at home. Not being able to access our trustworthy nail salon has some benefits, (yes, whether you believe it or not babes). Its inspired lots of us to go back to basic and caring for our nails at home. And our 6 steps DIY technique couldn't be easier. All it takes is a little TLC and some patience and you'll be surprised at the satisfaction you feel doing a mani that may look as good as a salon visit.

You will need:

* Nail polish including base and top coat * An emery Board * Nail buffer * A hand, face or body exfoliator * Cuticle remover * Almond or olive oil * Nail strengthening Cream * Nail or vegetable oil * Nail brush * Cotton buds

Step One: Remove any nail polish or clean nails with an acetone nail polish remover.

Product to try....

* Superdrug Nourishing Nail Polish Remover  £1.49 superdrug.com

Step Two: Using the lighter side of an emery board, shape your nails working from the outer edge to the middle filing in one direction only. Smooth the edges of nails with the emery board once shaped and using the buffer brush the top, sides and the end of the nail gently to get rid of any debris along the cuticle line and from underneath the nails. Also to smooth out any ridges.

Step Three: Exfoliate with a hand, face or body scrub. Or use a little sea salt mixed with coconut oil or almond oil.

Products to try....

* L'Occitane Shea One Minute Hand Scrub

£16.50 johnlewis.com

Step Four: Soak nails in warm water adding a drop of almond or olive oil. Using a nail brush, gently scrub the underneath of your nails. Dry your hands thoroughly.

Step Five: Massage a drop of nail oil, (almond,olive oil will also do if you haven't any nail oil) into each nail. Rub in a cuticle remover. Taking an orange stick wrapped in a thin sheet of cotton wool, or cotton bud, gently push back the cuticles. Rinse and thoroughly dry hands afterwards.

Products to try...

* essie Nail Care Cuticle Oil Apricot Treatment £8.99 superdrug.com

* Sally Hanson Instant cuticle remover £ 6.99 ebay.co.uk

Step Six: If you are leaving nail bare, lightly use a buffer to add sheen. Polishing, start with a base coat......

...followed by a second coat. Finally, paint on a clear top coat to seal in the colour and protect the nail. To clear up any mistakes, wrap a thin piece of cotton wool around an orange stick and careful trace around your nails. Leave to dry and smooth on your favourite hand moisturiser for extra softness.

Product to try...

Almond Hand And Nail Butter

£13 bodyshop.com

Tip: If you have thin nails or if you've been wearing acrylic, gel, or have been applying shellac to nails on a constant, make sure to apply a little extra TLC when running through the routine slaybabes.

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