Conscious Chocolate and The Raw Chocolate Company Team Up With Work-at-Home Care Packs

Updated: May 7, 2020

With venturing outside being almost off-limits at present, Conscious Chocolate are pairing with The Raw Chocolate Company to launch a collection of vegan chocolate; the Work at Home care pack. Both brands have redefined indulgent snacking with 100% organic recipes and a host of flavours including Vanoffee, Silky Coconut, Orange and Tangerine and the infamous rose-tinted Love Potion No.9.

The Work-From-Home care packs contain four bars of Conscious Chocolate and three from The Raw Chocolate Company, as well as bites including chocolate-covered almonds and chocolate-covered goji berries. Work at Home care packs are priced at £12.30 (a 30% discount), available online only.

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