B2B Back2Basic - Home Pedicure In 6 Easy Steps

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

If you are feeling cut off from your favourite beauty hot spot and missing your monthly-ish scheduled professional pedicure, don't worry, it's still possible to put your best foot forward and save a few pennies in the process too. Just follow the quick and easy 6 steps below and we'll keep you sandal ready.

You Will Need:

* A folded towel * A foot bowl * A foot soaking solution * A pumice stone or foot file

* Nail - clipper * Emery board * Cuticle remover * Cotton wool * Almond oil or Olive oil

* Orange stick * Nail polish remover * Nail polish * Toe separator * Buffer (optional)

Step One - Soak your feet in a warm foot bath. Leave for 15 - 20 minutes. * Tip: a good do-it-yourself solution consist of a tablespoon of Epsom , Dead sea salt or course sea salt and a couple of drops of almond or Olive oil as this will soften the skin.

Products to try...

* HoMedics Bubblemate Footspa and Massager * OPI Prospa Exfoliating Sugar

£24,99 argos.co.uk Scrub £30 lookfantastic.com

Step Two - Pat feet slightly dry and slough off any dead skin on the soles of your feet with a pumice stone or foot file.

Products to try,,,,

* Eco Bath Natural Black Pumice Stone

£4.99 hollandandbarrett.com * Superdrug Rapid-Pedi Electric Foot

file £14.99 superdrug.com

Step Three - Rinse feet again and clip your toenails into a square shape ( over rounding them can cause in grown toenails), making small snips instead of one. File your nails with the course side of an emery board until they are smooth.

Products to try...

* Elegant Touch Large Emery Boards

£1.29 superdrug.com

* Superdrug Xo Rose Gold Nail Clipper

£3.49 superdrug.com

Step Four - Apply a cuticle remover and massage it into the nail bed. Now gently push the cuticle back with an orange stick wrapped in a thin sheet of cotton wool.

Products to try....

* Pretty Nail Treatment 10 Manicure

Cuticle Pusher Sticks - Cuticle Sticks

* Sally Hanson 45129 Instant cuticle £1.49 ebay.co.uk

Remover £6.99 ebay.co.uk

Step Five - Smooth on some almond or olive oil and then give your feet a gentle massage, using kneading movements. Rinse and wipe off any lingering oil using an acetone nail polish remover. Buff smooth using a buffer (optional).

Product to try...

* 4 Way Nail Buffer £1.99


Step Six - Apply nail polish to your toenails - to make polishing easier, separate toes with a toe separator or pieces of cotton wool. Apply a base before the second painting and a top coat once painting has finished. Once dry, smooth on a thick coat of moisturising foot cream and slip into some socks for soft dreamy feet.

Products to try....

* Barry M Super Mani 7 In 1 Nail * Barry M Wet Set Quick Dry Top Coat

Treatment Base Coat 10ml £2.99 superdrug.com

£3.99 superdrug.com

* Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Foot Magic

£4.99 superdrug.com

Tip: If you have thin nails or if you've been wearing acrylic, gel, or have been applying shellac to nails on a constant, make sure to apply a little extra TLC when running through the routine slaybabes.


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