Just Chillin - Loungewear Has Never Looked So Good

With staying in being the new going out, we know it's all about comfort. But there's no harm in adding some style while you're chilling on your sofa face timeing one of your friends or binge watching one of your favourite shows on Netflix, right? Right, well,with one of 10 hot pick below, staying home has never looked so good.

Sleeveless Knit Top £19.99 Knit Midi Skirt £29.99 zara.com

Textured Sweater With Raised Detail £29.99 Textured Shorts £19.99 zara.com

Taupe Soft Knitted Crop Top £20 Taupe Soft Knitted Short £20 isawitfirst.com

Cream Ribbed Long Sleeve Top And Tie Waist Shorts Set £15 isawitfirst.com

UO Olivia Floral Corset Top £22.00 UO Olivia Floral Maxi Skirt £36.00 urbanoutfitters.com

iets frans... Swirl Tie-Dye Joggers £44.00 urbanoutfitters.com

Neve Jumper Dress In Dalmation £50 motelrocks.com

Cold Hearted Set £268 freepeople.com

Imogene Sweater Set £108 freepeople.com

Rust Crinkle Cold Shoulder Playsuit £25.00 missguided.co.uk

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