Sustainable Brand 'Stay Wild Swim' Debuts Essentials Range

As we get older and pay that more attention to our environment and the importance of preserving the world's natural resources, we have become that more invested in fashion brands that are concerned about the preservation of our planet. For us, it's important however that when these brands create clothing that although they are conscious of the impact they have; they do not compromise on their style.

So step in sustainable swimwear brand Stay Wild Swim who have debuted their 'essentials range'. The London based fashion brand use premium fabric in the Stay Wild Essentials range. For extra comfort the range is double-lined to give a super soft second-skin feel and their bra tops are free from underwires (hooray!) and have minimum seams for maximum comfort.

Even better, the essentials range is crafted from EU eco label TENCEL™ fabric made using sustainable wood pulp using a closed-loop production process.

We are absolutely in love with this brand and what they stand for. The founders NATALIE GLAZE + ZANNA VAN DIJK

Grew up immersed in sea life, embracing scuba diving, snorkeling and spending time by the water which allowed to develop a deep love of the sea. Their love for the ocean and its inhabitants resounds through their brand as they have created a brand that is focused on preserving the environment and being apart of the solution.

Another factor which makes this brand stand out is the fact that they use 'real' women, from different backgrounds, races and with diverse shapes. An inclusive and wonderful brand for all women to embrace and enjoy.

It is our hope, that even more fashion brands; particularly commercial ones pay more attention to their role in taking care of the environment and using sustainable and recyclable materials.

Stay Wild Essentials is now available from Follow them on INSTAGRAM

By Slaybabe All Images owned by Stay Wild Swim - All Rights Reserved

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